Get Involved

The primary strategies involve establishing convenient, free or low-cost testing venues; vaccinating susceptible individuals; and following or treating as needed those who are infected. There is a need and an opportunity for countywide collaboration and participation of existing health care institutions!IMAG3877


  • Volunteer at any Hep B Free event
  • Provide feedback from your community about API specific needs
  • Distribute Hepatitis B materials to educate people in your community
  • Ask your doctor about Hep B
  • Encourage your friends and family to get tested

Screening & Vaccination

  • Host a one-time screening/vaccination event in conjunction with a special lecture on hepatitis B and liver cancer
  • €Host a standing (weekly/monthly) screening and vaccination site attached to the
    hospital or community

Public Awareness

  • Advertise for your screening/vaccination events using educational facts and figures about hepatitis B in your community
  • €Contribute expertise or financial support to a county-wide educational multimedia campaign
  • €Host community education events with lectures by prominent physician experts
  • Help sponsor (in-kind or financial donations) public awareness events

Physician Education

  • €Host continuing medical education events on hepatitis B/liver cancer annually

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